kollur mookambika Temple

Offerings of Shri Mookambika

Sri Devi Mookambika is very generous in offering her blessings to all her devotees and she considers them as equal with out any disparity. It is solely said that it is the sincerity of the individual that matters when it comes to getting her support in all their pursuits.

Devi Mookambika as Goddess of Learning

This Goddess of learning and fine arts blesses her devotees with knowledge and wisdom. Confidence, Concentration and accomplishment are the hallmarks of this deity. Every sincere prayer will help the devotees to improve their education and reap good results in the examination.

In order to achieve her blessings Mahatrimadhura is the important offering and it is said by consuming Mahathrimadhura for continuous period of 41 days makes the individual clever in studies. Great concentration in studies can be achieved by undertaking meditation at Sri Devi’s temple. Doing regular Alankara pooja, Payasa Nivedaya, Puspanjali for Sri Mookambika helps to improve their education at all levels.

Goddess of Wealth

Aishwaryam or prosperity and good fortune accompany all who pray to goddess Sri Mookambika with sincere devotion. In order to earn her blessings and to improve the wealth regular Friday poojas like Sarvalankara, Sahasranama kunkuma archana, chandika homam besides maha poojas are recommended in order to get her blessings

Goddess of Health and Well Being

Shakthi Mookambika has excellent cure for all sorts of ailments. Doing regular Nithya nivedaya, Vidhi, Harivana nivedya, Mahathrimadhura, Parivarayuktha panchapooja, Chandika homa and Pushpa rathsova can help to maintain good health. Devotees firmly believe that Kollur Mookambika Devi can cure ailments with her immense power of healing.

Kollur Devi - The Supreme Protector 

Devi Mookambika ensures all round prosperity, health, progeny and protects devotees from all evil. Conducting regular poojas such as Shatha Rudrabhisheka, Chandi homams every day and particularly on Fridays helps to keep away enemies from doing any harm. Apart from the above performing Shaktheya pooja at Kutachadri and Mariamma temple proves very effective for the devotees.

Goddess for business growth

Devi Mookambika helps devotees to nurture their business in a profitable way by doing simple poojas such as Lalki Utsava, Chandika homas, Maha pooja, Nithyanna nivedaya, Sheerabhisheka, Pushpanjali along with regular Friday poojas.

Sri Mookambika – Blesses the childless

Childless couple upon regular prayers to Devi and performing poojas like Maha pooja, Vidhi, Chandika homams and offering Thulabharam helps them to beget children.

Devi blesses for early marriage

It is believed that marriage obstacles are set right by offering Mookambika with sarees, mangalsutra and by performing Chandika homam and thulabharam. Besides offering Thirumadhura, lighting ghee deepam, nanda deepam, sarvalankara pooja and offering payasa nivedaya.

Other obstacles cleared by Devi

Sri Mookambika helps her devotees to clear many obstacles by conducting regular Friday pooja, Chandi homam, Vidhi and Ganapathi homam.

Speciality of Chandika Homa (Chandi Homa)

This Chandika homa is highly beneficial to all devotees and it has to be performed usually from 9 A.M. to 12 noon. One has to wait for their turn to come for nearly two years to perform this homa at Sri Devi’s temple. Advance booking has to be made by the devotees. This homa is very important to invoke Kollur Mookambika devi’s blessings and to fulfill all their wishes.

The importance of Pushpa Rathotsavam

This type of offering can be done for Sri Mookambika for general wellbeing and it is highly beneficial for the whole family. Offering ghee deepam, sarees and gold mangalsutra is said to bring the desired effect.

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